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The idea is that consciousness arises when gravitational instabilities in the fundamental structure of space-time collapse quantum wave functions in tiny proteins called microtubules, which are found inside neurons.

The microtubule-organizing center (MTOC) is a structure found in cells from which microtubules emerge.

Microtubules are major components of the cytoskeleton. They are found in all cells, and they are involved in mitosis, cell motility, intracellular transport, and maintenance of cell shape.

Microtubules can act as substrates for motor proteins that are involved in important cellular functions such as vesicle trafficking and cell division.

Motor proteins, such as dynein, utilize the energy from ATP to generate mechanical force that moves proteins.

The major motor proteins that interact with microtubules are kinesin, which usually moves toward the (+) end of the microtubule, and dynein, which moves toward the (−) end.

Think of them as internal batteries that help power you and move cells to and from.

Some viruses (including retroviruses, herpesviruses, parvoviruses, and adenoviruses) that require access to the nucleus to replicate their genomes attach to motor proteins and hijack the microtubule-organizing center (MTOC).

Microtubules are essential in the development of the nervous system and the establishment of the left/right axis during embryogenesis, developmental biology, and cellular division.

Microtubules also make up the internal structure of cilia.

Cilia basically function as a cellular antenna.

These cellular antennae provide chemosensation, thermos sensation, and mechanosensation of the extracellular environment.

Just as viruses have the ability to hijack microtubules, reduction of cilia function can also result from infection.

Research into biofilms has been increasing and has shown how bacteria can alter cilia. A biofilm is a community of bacteria of either the same or multiple species of bacteria. The cluster of cells secretes different factors which form an extracellular matrix. Cilia in the respiratory system is known to move mucus and pathogens out of the airways. It has been found that patients with biofilm-positive infections have impaired cilia function. The impairment may present as decreased motion or reduction in the number of cilia. Though these changes result from an external source, they still affect the pathogenicity of the bacteria, the progression of infection.

In effect, the cilium is a type of nanomachine composed of perhaps over 600 proteins in molecular complexes, many of which also function independently as nanomachines.

These machines and their nanoscale dynamics are far more complex than any molecular machines that have yet been artificially constructed.

New research points to how Terahertz frequency stimulates neurite growth in neurons.

Recently, it was demonstrated that Terahertz (THz) frequency facilitates elongation of tubulin microtubules and actin microfilaments. The phenomenon could have a dramatic impact on living cells, especially in the phase of cell development when dramatic structural changes in the cytoskeleton occur.

This has dramatic implications in what’s known as Neuroplasticity.

These changes range from individual neuron pathways making new connections, to systematic adjustments like cortical remapping. Examples of neuroplasticity include circuit and network changes that can result from learning a new ability.

Considering how Terahertz frequency impacts microtubule function and nerve growth factor, possible enhanced Consciousness may also be acquired.

Research shows that THz-treated PC 12 cells responded to the nerve growth factor (NGF) by extending longer neurites (up to 0–20 µm).

NGF is important in the development and survival of nerve cells (neurons).

Nerve growth factor (NGF) regulates the microtubule-dependent extension and maintenance of axons by some peripheral neurons. One effect of NGF is to promote microtubule assembly during neurite outgrowth in PC12 cells.

As microtubules are essential mitotic structures for cell division and popular targets of anti-cancer therapies, the THz induced effects to microtubule structure reported in this paper suggest a potential therapeutic mechanism of intense THz pulses, possibly in combination with existing pharmacological interventions.

The effects of Terahertz frequency on nerve cells was shown to significantly promote cell survival. Moreover, the THz improved accelerated ganglion growth implying stimulated nerve growth thus creating a possible “coherent state” within the brain.

THz frequency primarily interacts with hydrogen bonds in biomolecules (Fischer et al., 2002), creating low-frequency intramolecular vibrations that cause protein structural changes (Cherkasova et al., 2009). THz frequency has an energy scale that is close to that of hydrogen bonds. Glial cells also contain a variety of aquaporins, which is how the brain is impacted with this “wave of life”.

THz frequency is thought to cause biological macromolecular interactions that regulate neuronal function.

Neurotransmitters are important mediators of information transmission that control basic physiological functions in humans. The changes in neurotransmitters after THz frequency showed that Glutamate (Glu) decreased significantly in hippocampal neurons, while alanine (Ala) and glycine (Gly) increased significantly.

In addition, studies have shown that the myelination process is enhanced after THz exposure which may have major implications for demyelinating diseases.

Overall, the research surrounding the possibility of enhanced microtubule function elevated neuroplasticity, and quantum consciousness now seems possible with what scientists have called the “THE WAVE OF LIFE”, “LIGHT OF LIFE”, “DIVINE FREQUENCY”, and “GOD’S WAVEBAND.”


“The Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies.”

― Albert Einstein

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

― Nikola Tesla

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